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April 11, 2019by Jerry Chavez0

Millennials seem to be dominating the workforce, therefore, it’s no surprise that companies are wondering how they can attract, hire and retain millennial employees while also meeting the bottom line.

Millennials, also known as generation Y, are currently between the ages of  23 and 38 years old.  They are technologically savvy and their preferred method of learning usually includes Google, YouTube, and other visual resources.  For that reason, many businesses have found that their training process has not necessarily aligned with how millennials like to learn and be treated.  But there are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to keeping these employees around.

Here are a few ways to entice this generation to commit and stay with your organization:


Millennials love assignments they can own and master. It’s that instant gratification of small wins that keep them motivated.  What assignment can you give them that you know they’ll dominate? Millennials value personal growth and development.


Allowing flexibility in the workplace is one of the biggest perks you can offer to a Millenial.  They’re all about getting things done in the least amount of time and are usually quite efficient.  Think more about getting the work done, versus the number of hours worked.  Consider letting them choose their own schedule.

Ditch the hierarchy

Millennials like to feel like they have a voice.  Therefore, it makes sense to highlight their accomplishments and let them know they matter.  This will motivate them to go above and beyond for you and your business.

Greater work/life balance

Many members of previous generations have the notion that working weekends and overtime will progress their career and help them provide for a family.  Millennials are more likely to separate their life from work.  Allowing for time off and respecting their boundaries will go a long way.

The ideal working environment 

Millennials have a greater expectation that workspaces are enjoyable, relaxed and fun.  Think free breakfast- time for socialization, team building and mentoring.

While it may seem like extra work or even too much work to hire and retain millennials, keep in mind that by 2020 Millennials will comprise 50% of the workforce. Eventually, this generation of workers will be required to help your business grow and evolve in today’s fast-paced environment. 


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