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August 13, 2019by Jerry Chavez0

TRAY Newsletter

Check out our latest feature releases.  For detailed information, check out the support guides.
Deliver an End-to-End Brand Experience to Your Customers with Our Embedded Online Ordering

Now you can use inline iframes on your website to support a better ordering experience.  Instead of redirecting to an external site, guests can order and make reservations by accessing the TRAY ordering platform within an iframe on your website.

Online Ordering Interface for Sandwich Restaurant
Simplify Operations with the New End of Day Procedure

Now complete the end of the day tasks at your site automatically.  Balance any open unpaid and partially paid checks, reconcile the till balances and clock-out employees from the manager console on the POS. 

Additional improvements to manage checks and handle reporting discrepancies has been introduced.  All open checks auto-closed a minute before Trading Day Time (TDT) of the site can be filtered with a New tender type – System Tender.
Colorful coupon offers
Drive More Traffic with New Discount Offers

Configure BOGO and Buy X get Y offers for single or multiple items.  Discounts can be linked to single use or multi use promo codes as well.

You can now auto-generate promo codes with a single click.  A new tab generates a random promo code that can be applied to the Promotions for a venue either single time or multiple times. 

Use the New Cook Time Configuration to Boost Kitchen Production Speeds

This feature balances cook times and ensures that the items in an order are ready at the same time. When configured, the system will fire items to the Kitchen Display screen according to their cook times. This allows you to delay items with shorter cook times, therefore, ensuring that everything is fresh when the order is served to the customer.  The new cook time feature optimizes kitchen production and takes the pressure off of your kitchen staff by automating order timing.

Kitchen Display System Screen
Enhanced Staff Reservation Interface:

Staff can now accept payments for reservations from the reservation screen in HQ and send a detailed confirmation email to the guests as well as copy the reservation URL to the clipboard to share the reservation details with other party guests.

Managers are now able to designate staff members as ‘Reservation Host’ in HQ, providing them access to book reservations on the POS.

A new Calendar view has been added that lets staff easily view available reservation booking slots and capacity. 

Enhanced Reporting Framework:
  • From a POS terminal, print the daily sales report for the entire site or for the individual terminal.
  • Daily Sales Email now also includes a labor report.
  • The Order Report now includes a new column, ‘Discount’ that displays the discounted amount for the order and calculates the total based on it.
  • Refund reports have been enhanced to show detailed data. Indicate the type of payments and same day refunds.
Reporting interface for TRAY HQ cloud POS

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