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July 22, 2019by Jerry Chavez0

TRAY Newsletter

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Automatically Closed Checks

A new way to manage checks has been introduced to handle reporting discrepancies.  All open checks will be auto-closed a minute before Trading Day Time (TDT) of the site as a cash payment. The auto-closed checks are closed by a system generated ID to separate out from the other closed jobs by staff, making them easy to identify.
Cash Management

Track till activity and balance with TRAY. View cash activity by staff, oversee no-sale transactions, and tips for each staff member. Calculate and manage cash discrepancies at your venue.
Labor Management

Manage employee wages and set both regular and overtime pay. Track your labor costs and labor percentages by employee.  Review your labor summary by day/week/month to keep a handle on your operational costs.
Enhanced Reporting Framework
  • Summarized Discount Report to track discounts with names
  • Void Report to track the void transactions

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