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May 14, 2019by Jerry Chavez0

TRAY Newsletter

Check out our latest feature releases.  For detailed information, check out the support guides or sign up for one of our upcoming webinars for more in-depth training.
Screen capture of TRAY's party booking software with capacity management featuring image of kids at a birthday party and available party packages
Reservations with Capacity & Kiosk integration

Power your event bookings with TRAY.  With our capacity management feature, you can set up resources (tables, party rooms, etc) along with their associated capacities as well as create time slots.  Customers have the flexibility to book events online, over the phone, or on-site with a staff member, via the POS. 

This feature also allows you to sequence several events in a single reservation (for example, indoor skydiving > go-karts > party room > jumping, or dinner > show) to easily manage the flow and ensure that none of your resources are booked beyond capacity.

With our Party Booking software, you can offer event discounts, make notes, track edit history, view events in a calendar or list view, and easily add items or refund payments.

Let your customers check in for parties on the self-service kiosk automatically, maximizing speed of service and reducing employee costs and errors.

Online ordering with order ahead feature screen shot showing available delivery times
Online & App Ordering with Order Ahead & Analytics

Allow your customers to place online orders for immediate pickup or define your available slots to enable placement of future orders via the web or via the TRAY app.

Inject your own Google Analytics or Facebook Analytics pixel tracking codes and monitor the entire purchase funnel of your customers from your website or ad, all the way to purchase, or cart abandonment. 

Customizable email template
Customizable Email Receipts

Create customized email receipts to include custom text, images, and formatting. Add your logo, use your own fonts, or ad marketing and operational information such as promotions, specials, etc.

With our Party Booking software, you can offer event discounts, make notes, track edit history, view events in a calendar or list view, and easily add items or refund payments.

Let your customers check in for parties on the self-service kiosk automatically, maximizing speed of service and reducing employee costs and errors.

Time clock report
All-Employee Time Tracking & Auto Clock-Out

Use TRAY as a time clock for all your employees, even if they don’t have POS access (“ClockOnly” permission).

See your employee time cards on a report on HQ and export clock in / clock out data to your labor management software.

Set your regular and overtime pay and see your labor costs and labor % reports (coming soon…).

Configure your terminals to auto-clock out employees at the end of the day who forgot to clock out, or set the “StayClockedIn” permissions to keep some employees clocked in.

Till Balance Tracking Screen Shot with cancel button and red confirm button
Till Balance Tracking

Give your staff the new “TrackTill” permission and TRAY will automatically kick the drawer and ask for opening balance and closing balance when clocking in / out. Add “Opening Balance” (negative) and “Closing Balance” (positive) as No Sale reasons and use the No Sale report with the “reason” filter to understand overages & shortages.
Drawer Locking

Better control your cash by preventing  two employees from accidentally using the same drawer. Simply give your managers the “ReuseDrawer” permission and employees without that permission will no longer be able to share drawers.
Cash Tip Tracking

You can now optionally select which employees should declare their cash tips upon clock out by setting the “DeclareTips” permission. The “Cash Owed” report will include declared tips so you can pay it to your employees at the end of their shift, and a new “Cash Tips” report allows you to separately track cash tips.
Item & Order Level Discounts (Manager or Staff)

Move away from “adjusting” checks! Customize and track all your discounts either at the item-level or the order-level. With “open” discounts it’s easy to give any discount you want, and with manager controls you can make sure some discounts are only accessible by Managers.
Fire on Pay, Fire on Next, Fire on Total

Customize when orders are sent to the KDS or the Smart Printers: fire when adding the item to the cart, when hitting total, or when full payment is tendered.
Custom void, comp and refund reasons

Ability to configure reason codes for voids, comps and refunds. The reason codes can be selected by employees on the POS, and can be used as filters in the Comps, Voids and Refunds report  to categorize voids, comps, and refunds.
KDS Enhancements

Several grid sizes, ability to choose to display modifier category name or not, increased information density (display more orders), real-time synchronization with app, terminals and web ordering, and several other improvements make the KDS system one of the most feature-rich and powerful KDS systems available.
Reporting enhancements:

Additional filters and search options to make better informed and evidence-based business decisions using your reports:

  • Ability to search the Checks report for a specific check using the check’s ID
  • New Terminal and Drawer filters in “No Sale” and “Payments” for better cash management
  • “New Users” report to get contact information for customers using loyalty, or waivers
Hold & Fire Orders

You can now hold orders and manually fire them later. Useful for plating, managing production or synchronizing order deliver. This feature can be  turned on/off.
Hold / Don’t Hold Checks

Use the new permission “HoldCheck” to let your Managers hold checks with open balances. Remove the permission to prevent your employees from being able to leave open/unpaid checks. Without this permission your employees will have to apply full payment to a check before they can proceed to the next order. No more open checks with non-zero balances!
Inventory Management

Manage your inventory with MarketMan a full inventory management system that is directly integrated with TRAY. Compute your costs, track spoilage,

Additional costs may apply, please contact your sales rep for more information.
Integration with Online Delivery Services

Integrate directly with online delivery services (GrubHub, Eat24, Seamless Web, UberEats, Postmates, DoorDash, etc.) and get your orders directly in TRAY.
Integration with Embed Arcade cards

Load and redeem value on the Embed cards, and load multiple cards easily. Redeem Embed cards in the Embed Redemption terminal. Load time on the Embed card (coming soon)
New Hardware models
  • Support for the latest Star printer models (MC-Print 3) for faster printing and better energy management in a modern form factor
  • Support for Customer Facing Displays with MC-Print 3 printer models
  • Support for TouchDynamic’s, rugged, vertically charging handhelds with built-in card readers (chip+swipe) – TRAY Exclusive
Employee Cards

You can now order your employee cards directly from TRAY. Let your employees security clock in and out, let your manager easily authorize actions and minimize errors and fraud.
Chase Paymentech and Moneris Support

In addition to FirstData, you can now use Chase Paymentech as your processor, or you can opt for the Moneris card readers that support Pin Pads and work in Canada. (coming soon)

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