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October 31, 2019by Jerry Chavez0

TRAY Newsletter

Check out our latest feature releases.  For detailed information, check out the support guides in our help center.
Item Availability

TRAY now offers the ability to 86 and un-86 items from the POS.

When an item is sold out, you can now mark it out of stock on a single device and have that status reflected across all devices, preventing out of stock items from being sold in error, reducing voids and creating a better customer experience.

Out of Stock
Custom Email Templates for Online Order Receipts

You now have the ability to customize the email template for online ordering receipts which allows you to communicate location-specific details and maintain consistent brand messaging.
Reservation Enhancements
  • Notes entered during reservations will now be printed on the receipt to ensure that they are effectively communicated to staff and confirmed for guests.
  • Reservation information can now be sent to multiple users so that party reservations can be shared with everyone in the group.
  • The reservation calendar now displays unavailable dates as greyed out for easier navigation.
Ability to Refund Tips
You now have the ability to refund tips exclusive of the entire check payment. Therefore, if a customer or staff member wrongly enters a tip, it’s now easier to correct the mistake with the tip refund feature.
Control POS & KDS Device Settings Remotely

This new feature allows you to change the settings of all of your devices within HQ. The settings can be grouped and pushed to the list of devices in one click, saving time and ensuring consistency across devices.

Labor Tracking Enhancements

With the new labor tracking enhancements, staff can clock in and out independent of the device. An hourly labor summary report
is also available, allowing management to closely track labor and identify where labor spending can be adjusted throughout the day.
Additional Enhancements
Simplified View for Adding Menu Items
The new simplified view shows only the mandatory required fields for adding a new menu item, making it faster and easier to add new menu items.
Warning Message on POS for Printer Errors
Error messages will now be displayed on the POS screen when a connected printer is out of paper or unable to print, allowing your staff to easily identify and correct errors.

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