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September 17, 2019by Jerry Chavez0

TRAY Newsletter

Check out our latest feature releases.  For detailed information, check out the support guides in our help center.
New and Improved Support 

TRAY now offers the ability to 86 and un-86 items from the POS.

When an item is sold out, you can now mark it out of stock on a single device and have that status reflected across all devices, preventing out of stock items from being sold in error, reducing voids and creating a better customer experience.

Out of Stock
Enhanced Reporting Search

A new filter, called Check ID will be added to the filters section of reports allowing HQ users to search for specific checks using the check number or the order number. Order number search is available for order reports, and check number search is available for payments, refund, and discount reports.
Colorful coupon offers
New Time-Based Offers
TRAY now offers the ability to configure Time-Based Discounts which allows promotions to run for a specific period of time. Time-based discounts can be configured two ways:
  1. Duration based discounts (Discount runs from one date to another date).
  2. Recurring discounts (Runs on a particular date or time every week/every day).
Push Schedules for Menus and Pricing

A new button called ‘Push Schedules’ has been added in the Menu Schedules and Pricing Schedules screens.  This new feature allows you to easily apply or push schedule changes to your devices.

screenshot of TRAY HQ menu schedules
Mark Receipts as Duplicates
Now TRAY has a capability to mark any second or additional receipts as duplicate receipt. The duplicate receipt can produce a copy of the actual receipt issued for any specified purpose. The receipt has the same elements and is identical to the original receipt but with a marking on it.

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