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1st POS built for Ghost Kitchens
Developed with leading Ghost Kitchen operators
Corporate & individual kitchen controls

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Designed for Ghost Kitchens

Integrated 3rd Party and Native Delivery

TRAY makes it easy to enable new revenue centers such as Virtual Drive-Thru, Curbside Pick-Up Queue, Carry-Out/Delivery Scheduler, Mobile App Ordering and Online Ordering.

Integrated Food Locker System (Automat)

Protect your restaurant and guests with Anti-Viral Screen Protectors, Glove-Responsive Touchscreens, Temperature Sensing Screens.

Supports All Service Types

Handle Pickup, Delivery, Takeout, and Dine-in all on one platform.
Customized Hardware

Scalable Hardware Options

TRAY supports various hardware options for operators for existing businesses as well as supply hardware for new businesses.

Branded Hardware

Customizable hardware such as temperature sensing kiosks, order status monitors with SMS notification, and kitchen display systems.

Enterprise Control


With one-touch updates, geofencing, and remote control, TRAY is the most scalable platform for growing ghost kitchens and restaurant groups.


Achieve greater insights into your business with tools developed with existing ghost kitchens around the country such as real-time mail alerts, intrusion detection,  and activity & permission reports.

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Successful Ghost Kitchens Use TRAY

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