Self-ServiceBeyond Restaurants: More Uses for Self-Order Kiosks

March 28, 2019by Jerry Chavez0

Kiosks offer convenience and benefits that help in the growth of a wide variety of businesses.  The use of kiosks is steadily gaining popularity as companies are using them to increase revenue and improve the guest experience.  Although restaurants have been early-adopters of this technology, there are many other use-cases for self-order kiosks.

Family Entertainment Centers

Family entertainment destinations like trampoline parks, laser tag, and roller skating rinks are increasingly requiring participants to sign waivers to reduce their liability in the event of injury.  For those businesses, installing self-service kiosks at the entrance decreases wait times for customers signing waivers and maximizes time spent inside.  Customers can walk-in, head to a kiosk to purchase their tickets and sign an electronic waiver; dramatically reducing lines and getting more guests through the doors.

Bowling Alleys

Self-service kiosks can be placed between lanes to increase food and beverage orders.  Walking back and forth between the bowling lane and the bar can be a hindrance to the game.  However, if a kiosk is installed at their lane, bowlers can quickly order between turns, making them more likely to purchase food and drinks since their game is uninterrupted.


Kiosks can also be placed in cabanas to give your guests a VIP experience; allowing them to order from the menu without having to wait for a server or wait in a long line.  Food is delivered directly to the cabana, leaving guests to relax and enjoy their poolside experience.

Amusement Parks

Long lines for concessions can hinder purchasing.  Strategically placing self-service kiosks in areas where lines can queue up, can increase overall spend per guest and create a more pleasant experience.

The idea behind self-order kiosks is to reduce lines, increase customer spend and free up staff so their time is used more efficiently.  Restaurants are not the only businesses that can capitalize on these benefits to gain a competitive advantage.


Self-service isn’t the future-it’s now.


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