Self-ServiceBowling with Nachos: Why On-Lane Ordering is Critical

April 18, 2019by Jerry Chavez0

Jim Gaffigan once said, “Bowling’s great, you gotta love a sport where you can eat while you play it.”

For me and all my friends, except for one, that’s what bowling is all about. Unfortunately, there is that one guy in every friend group that takes bowling way too seriously. We all know what he’s like, the guy who talks about how he would have bowled a 300 back in high school if he hadn’t sprained a wrist. The same guy who complains that there ‘isn’tenough oil on the lanes’ every time he has a bad roll. Please don’t be that guy.

Well, this past weekend while we were at our local upscale bowling center we were indulging in some delicious nachos. Let me tell you, if there are green chile nachos with some zesty ground beef at your establishment they will be ordered when my crew rolls through. But let’s be real, if you have any type of nachos, we’re going to order them. So we did, but with the nachos came good news and bad.

The good news is that the nachos were delicious. The bad news is that our waiter never came back around to take another order so we couldn’t get any more. But he can’t take all the blame. It was very busy, and he had to spend time helping guests with other things, for example, somebody’s ball just never returned, and another lane broke down completely. At this point, I did some quick math. Another round of nachos, sliders and more drinks for 8 people would have easily been $100. That made me think, if there was a device at our lane for us to order another round, we would have. No questions asked.  (This might have occurred to me because I work at a company that sells said devices but still, it was a valid point.)

This made me wonder, how many other groups at the bowling alley that night would have spent more money if they would have just been given the opportunity? Unfortunately, I don’t have an answer for you on that one, but I would imagine a lot. So, if you have a bowling center and you want your guests to be able to order more food while their waiter is running around putting out metaphorical fires, I would definitely consider implementing some on-lane ordering kiosks.  I know that my friends and I would definitely appreciate it.

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