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Labor Management

Bring together your Payroll and TRAY. Manage wages of your employees and set your regular and overtime pay. Track your labor costs and labor percentages.

Review the summary per venue per day/week/month to keep a handle on your operational costs (coming soon…)

Screenshot of TRAY's labor management reporting showing employees hours and wages
Person cutting herbs with a knife on a wooden cutting board
Cook time

Set an estimated preparation time for your items and manage serving your customers on schedule. Using order ahead, the order will be automatically fired as per instructions and will be ready by the time your customers arrive at your doorstep

Enhanced Reservation email receipts & calendar view

No need to view the reservation details to find staff assignments. Instantly view the details in the reservation email receipt and promptly serve your guests.

Reduce staff errors and view any unpaid balance to determine the amount to be collected.

On the reservation calendar, view the Guest of Honor, Organization and other important reservation info with a click and add a personal touch to the interactions with your customers.

Screenshot of reservation details
Screenshot of deposit information
Screenshot of kiosk discount feature
Discounts on Self-Service Kiosk

Delight your self-service customers by providing an option to apply discounts on the Self-Service Kiosks. The discounts can be applied at item-level as well as at the order level.

Waiver notification

Avoid liability by flagging customers that require a waiver signature based on item configuration. View and track the signed waivers in the Waivers report.

Sign waiver prompt
Optimized order routing on KDS

Optimized routing algorithm on KDS to speed up the order display on KDS.

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