*TRAY  v6.3.3.0* (5/6/19)

ANDROID-4133: [bug] HIGH: Clicking on other tender types displays a toast as ‘Location is missing’.
ANDROID-4129: [bug] CRITICAL: Making reservations using fast pay closes tab
ANDROID-4128: [bug] CRITICAL: Making a reservation using fast pay treats payment as sale
ANDROID-4127: [bug] CRITICAL – Reservation check automatically closes before balance due is paid
ANDROID-4126: [bug] App crashes when trying to book reservation.
ANDROID-4106: [bug] CRITICAL – TRAY crashes when selecting GOH
ANDROID-4106: [bug] CRITICAL – TRAY crashes when selecting GOH

*KDS Version Peter Kellis 5/9/19, 12:18 PM*
Don’t show “customer display” toast on Epson Peter Kellis 5/9/19, 12:16 PM
KDS-889: [bug] Fix Moneris certification review related feedback issues. Srikanth Talasila 5/8/19, 6:11 AM
KDS-865: Order Ahead is enabled on KDS, but Held Orders button does not show up Srikanth Talasila 4/27/19, 4:26 AM

*TRAY HQ v9.78* (5/6/19)


[HQ-5185] – [improvement] Comp report column offset
[HQ-5302] – [improvement] New User report should also include guest profiles that are created either from POS or any mode.
[HQ-5323] – Imp – HQ – Rename ‘function’ to ‘staff role’
[HQ-5330] – [improvement] Ability to delete profile images
[HQ-5358] – HIGH – Remove support contact info from receipt email
[HQ-5369] – [improvement] Show Organization if Applicable in Calendar UI
[HQ-5420] – TDT job should be moving gift order to done state along with remaining orders.
[HQ-5444] – [improvement] Remove TRAY contact info from emails receipts
[HQ-5484] – [improvement] Add Terminal and Drawer filter in No Sales report and also ability to filter results and export.
[HQ-5489] – [improvement] Send tab status in getReservations API.
[HQ-5507] – New Users ( loyalty sign up ) report — First, middle and last name fields
[HQ-5528] – [improvement] Hide Additional Participant in view reservation and add additional participant(isParticipant) price to base of package.
[HQ-5531] – [improvement] Hide bulk Add staff button in staff page.
[HQ-5548] – [improvement] Implement a new discrepancy report available only for SuperAdmin.
[HQ-5572] – [improvement] Server should decide based on the tab status whether or not to treat a payment as SALE or DEPOSIT
[HQ-5574] – [improvement] Automatically Check-In reservations at the trading day time
[HQ-5578] – [improvement] Hide Additional participants and manage total in reservation email receipts also.
[HQ-5579] – [improvement] Add ability to send notes while booking a reservation in reserveSlot
[HQ-5397] – Add type of reason for void vs comp vs refunds and display date created along with created by.
[HQ-5398] – Add a new filter in Comp report to filter results based on site level predefined reasons and custom reason.
[HQ-5494] – [improvement] Handle drawer Ids sent in saveNoSale API
[HQ-5547] – [improvement] Handle comp ID in place Order to maintain in Comp report.
[HQ-5081] – [improvement] Pre-Configured Reason Codes for Voids/Comps/Refunds
[HQ-5271] – HIGH: Send pricing scheduling details in getServices API
[HQ-5325] – [improvement] Search by Tab ID in HQ Check Report (edited)


[HQ-4776] – CLONE – App crashes when a specific service is selected.
[HQ-4821] – Menu configuration button doesn’t work when the menu name is too long
[HQ-5127] – Critical – ‘Problem in deleting reservation’ error was thrown while trying to ‘Cancel Reservation’
[HQ-5171] – Getting “problem loading page” error when trying to add an option without an option group
[HQ-5176] – [bug] Unable to Sign-In to user account after password reset
[HQ-5249] – [bug] When no role (Party Host, Runner, etc) selected; role text should be displayed in the relevant Host column.
[HQ-5326] – [bug] close “X” mark is not visible for the view reservation popup
[HQ-5357] – [bug] UI is not aligned properly when clicking on active orders from monitor tab
[HQ-5367] – [bug] CRITICAL – getStaffDetails truncates printer names that contain “-”
[HQ-5388] – [bug] Unable to update site with empty email field
[HQ-5409] – [bug] Running discount report for all sites on HQ for April 1-16 will result in recurring decimal totals.
[HQ-5411] – [Medium] Able to select the date as 31-February for sign in Waivers in QA Environment.
[HQ-5414] – [bug] Reason code permission is not working as expected.
[HQ-5417] – [Bug] Previous Ticket Type selection remains.
[HQ-5443] – [bug] Duplicating sections will include deleted items
[HQ-5451] – [bug] Section/menu names not properly displayed
[HQ-5467] – Function is not renamed to staff role in edit staff screen
[HQ-5468] – [bug] Remove ‘or’ text from email receipt contact info if site level no phone number configured.
[HQ-5479] – [Bug] No Sale UI broken after Deployment
[HQ-5480] – [bug] CheckId should persist after filtering in HQ Check Report
[HQ-5493] – [bug] CRITICAL – No Show orders are being pushed to Marketman
[HQ-5498] – [bug] CRITICAL: closeTab API is updating order status to 10 (past order) when there are no payments and tab balance is zero.
[HQ-5535] – [bug] HIGH: After editing an item, item visibility changes to ‘No’.
[HQ-5566] – [bug]medium: No Sale Report Table should be in proper alignment
[HQ-5567] – [bug]Not able filter No Sale report by Terminal or Drawer
[HQ-5568] – [bug]There is no’ Terminal and Drawer’ Column in No Sales Report
[HQ-5584] – [bug] CRITICAL: Unable to place order by comping an item.
[HQ-5590] – Hide ‘Time Card’ reports from current release.

*WEB v1.1.4* (5/6/19)


[WEB-596] – Implement order level and item level discounts for Web ordering.
[WEB-599] – Ability for staff member to set discounts when booking parties online
[WEB-669] – [Improvement] Display more text for items in web ordering
[WEB-713] – [improvement] Web to include isParticipant price included in the base price of the actual package along with this, send additionalParticipantCount key to track the additional participant count if necessary.
[WEB-714] – [improvement] Feedback on discounts in web reservations
[WEB-716] – [improvement] Order Ahead web view should not load the date dialog by default.
[WEB-722] – [bug] Can’t add Notes when staff first books reservation


[WEB-654] – [bug] Change the text in ‘Set Item Price’ dialog while applying discounts in staff reservations.
[WEB-668] – Checkout price is showing as ZERO when we click cancel on the alert popup
[WEB-670] – [bug] CRITICAL: Unable to sign up on web using multidomain emails.
[WEB-671] – [bug] CRITICAL: Edit reservation and updating guest count is taking double the price of additional participant.
[WEB-672] – [bug] CRITICAL: Adjustments made in the POS for a reservation do not show up in edit reservation Web.
[WEB-673] – [bug] CRITICAL: Compute unpaid balance on a check by calculating total (adding adjustments) and applied payments.
[WEB-674] – CRITICAL – Email validation error for online reservations
[WEB-675] – [bug] CRITICAL – Few menu items missing from web ordering when all items under menu are configured as ‘All Items’ enabled
[WEB-679] – [bug]Webordering – Clicking on ‘Export as WebPDF’ in My Orders list downloading Empty Invoices Except Recent Order in list.
[WEB-685] – [bug]Fix item level ordering pdf exports empty except recent order
[WEB-688] – [bug]My orders list first record Export PDF icon missing after placing second order.
[WEB-700] – [bug] Do not show voided payments label in edit reservation when there are no voided payments.
[WEB-704] – [bug] When no option groups configured for a reservation package, editing guest count fails.
[WEB-706] – [bug] CRITICAL: App throws an error as “Invalid oAuth Token” when trying to change password.
[WEB-712] – [bug] CRITICAL: Additional participant quantity is missing when selecting add ons by modifying items in checkout page.
[WEB-720] – [bug] CRITICAL: Editing a reservation changes the base price to zero.
[WEB-727] – [bug] Modify the package slot in checkout screen and increase guest count will not adjust the package price.

*KDS Version* (5/9/19)

Don’t show “customer display” toast on Epson
KDS-889: [bug] Fix Moneris certification review related feedback issues.
KDS-865: Order Ahead is enabled on KDS, but Held Orders button does not show up

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