*TRAY Version (06/11/19) 
  • ANDROID-4327:  [bug] Incorrect payment captured fix for a check
  • ANDROID-4326:  [bug] Check disappears when reserveSlot is failed while booking a reservation 
  • ANDROID-4315: HIGH – [bug] Print Receipt button prints multiple receipts 
  • ANDROID-4206 [bug] Not able to minimize Waiver history drop-down if once it selected 
  • ANDROID-3761: HIGH – Unable to disable some tender types 
  • ANDROID-4101 [improvement] Do not require Birthdate when creating a TRAY Profile 
  • ANDROID-3794: Discounts with minimum item amounts don’t work. 
  • ANDROID-4307: [Bug] High: Based on Reservation status Update Reservation button should be disabled/Enabled in POS 
  • ANDROID-4147 [Improvement] Rename ‘Select’ to ‘Deselect’ when all items are selected.
  • ANDROID-4303: [bug] Non PoS Staff with ClockOnly permissions are able to use the terminal 
  • ANDROID-4282: [improvement] Send Voided by, granted by, void reason Id while voiding an item in updateOrderStatus 
  • ANDROID-3832 [improvement] Add an ability to select French vs English preference on POS to render data. 
  • ANDROID-4297: [bug] GOH is not displaying after adding it to existing reservation. 
  • ANDROID-4299: [improvement] Remove Comp button before when placing an order 
  • ANDROID-4300: CRITICAL – [bug] Order duplicates in payment screen 
  • ANDROID-3043: Subtotal from previous orders totals remains on screen 
  • ANDROID-4284: Critical : [Bug] Item Level discounts are not showing on POS.
  • ANDROID-4179: CRITICAL – [bug] Refunding item can leave a negative unpaid balance 
*KDS Version (6/11/19) 
  • KDS-905: HIGH – [bug] TipAmount not printing for tab receipts 
  • KDS-884: [improvement] CRITICAL: KDS should sync orders for every 24 hours as default as opposed to never 
*KDS Version (6/12/19)
  • KDS-907: [bug] For Contactless TC 18, The card was Tap as expected, the Signature Line is printed on the Customer Copy instead of Merchant Copy 
  • KDS-906: [bug] Order Ahead Orders not firing

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