TRAY Version (1/28/19)
  • Pre-discounted items are changed to be not eligible to apply discounts
  • Loyalty UI now shows item price plus add-on
  • App does not ask for payment types while loading gift card with item price 0.
  • Location missing issues are fixed
  • Ability to add discounts after total
  • App honours settings for storing or authorizing Moneris transactions
  • Resolved discrepancy on increasing add-on items
  • Manger can now add discounts
  • Reservation date format is changed to MM/DD/YYYY
  • Print Receipt button now shows for existing reservations
  • Refunded transactions visible on POS issue fixed
  • Option to pay entire check when gift card is included in combo
TRAY Version (1/29/19)
  • Usability improvement while using Moneris
  • Delay issue while booking a reservation on POS fixed
  • Synchronized open slots available while booking reservations
TRAY Version (1/31/19)
  • Ability to check Embed cards balance available
  • Issue with select service screen unresponsiveness fixed
TRAY HQ Version 9.71 (01/28/19)
  • Allowed to load cards without paying any amount if the price of the TRAY item is 0
  • Now able to load Embed Card when POS price is less than Product ID total
  • Able to load a card with zero value and some bonus
  • Editing a gift card is now loading the product ID price in value field
  • Moneris reader management supported from HQ
  • Ability to configure Moneris in Bank Accounts Site config supported
  • HQ permissions for readers tab in venue config added
  • Refund action for Moneris from HQ supported
  • Unable to create multiple Moneris readers with same terminal ID in HQ
  • Proper error messages for Moneris reader config created
  • Tab no longer closes after full payment for Moneris transaction
  • Refunding tab no longer allowing refund more than tab total for specific use cases
  • Records no longer missing in payment reports for Moneris transactions
  • UI improvement to reader tab
  • No longer allowed to save Moneris reader info even when unable to locate pin-pad
  • Always try refund instead of purchase correction for Moneris payment refunds
  • Clicking reader on HQ no longer shows empty fields
  • Editing global account displays now displays success message
  • Validations added in locations setup for capacity
  • Partial refund for card payments from HQ no longer throws an error
  • Reservation calendar view past dates reservations slots are no longer allowing payment
  • Local permissions for super admin no longer checked
  • Reverting role permissions no longer throws an invalid error message
  • Editing global account, user type is no longer preselected by a venue role(first) irrespective of the existing role
  • Edit & delete options are not active for deleted reservation slot in calendar view
  • Viewing reservation shows the date the party was booked under the “Order Date” when viewing the party
  • Edit button disabled for a deleted reservation
  • Deleting a menu from HQ will no longer delete any menu schedule that included that menu
  • Order date on HQ reservation calendar interface shows the current date/time
  • After removing deleted menu permission no longer able to delete a menu
  • Site setup web ordering URL says no longer displays error message
  • Payments report shows correct records if all filters are selected
  • With all permissions clicking on add site no longer throws error for a venue owner
KDS Version (1/28/19)
  • Fixed issues with print items or payments for newly made reservations
  • Other Bug fixes and Performance improvements

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