TRAY HQ Version 9.73(03/13/19)
  • Improvements in the Sales Hourly report
  • Ability to view slots in calendar view
  • Other Bug fixes and performance improvements
KDS Version (3/11/19)
  • Fixed connectivity issues with Start USB printers
  • Fixed app crashes and other bug fixes
KDS Version (03/13/19)
  • Settings to ‘Print Balance’ has been added
  • Ability to print a receipt for every item included with an order or party
TRAY Version (3/11/19)
  • Filtered eligible discounts are now available for selected items
  • Edit reservation date format now supports MM/DD/YYYY format
  • Order level Discounts available
  • Usability improvement
  • Open discount on multiple items are supported
  • Discount once per order rule honored
TRAY Version (3/12/19)
  • Fixed consistency issues with eDynamo Bluetooth
  • Other Bug fixes and usability improvements

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