KDS Version (03/07/19)
  • Added preference to show/hide address of the site on receipt
  • Support on KDS for Order Ahead functionality. Order made ahead of time are shown in a separate tab called Held orders and fired when fire time is reached.
  • Bug fixes with Sales report printing
  • Fixed app crashes and other bug fixes
  • Ability to connect multiple printers having multiple models with the same device
TRAY Version (3/6/19)
  • Slots with zero minimum and maximum capacity are now not considered for reservations
  • Check opened date is now visible on the tab details
  • Updated Terms & Conditions links
  • Capacity planning feature supported
  • Tab closing issues with Embed cards fixed
  • Embed card can now be utilized with zero priced items
  • Ability to print Moneris receipts
  • Tips are adjusted automatically after refunds
  • Zip code now supports global locations
  • Fixed issues with Map view
  • Fixed issue with loyalty mode
  • Fixed issues with quantity selections

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