TRAY HQ Version 9.74 (04/02/19)
  • Ability to filter reports by additional Tender Type of “Embed”
  • Embed Products are configured with appropriate value
  • Usability improvement with Bulk Slots booking
  • Minimum capacity is now honored while booking a reservation
  • Voiding a gift card will now remove the residual value
  • Preconfigured values in the minutes while booking slots is available
  • Ability to re-add category after they are deleted
  • Ability to filter reservations by package name in calendar view
  • Slots are now visible in calendar view
  • Ability to delete contracts
  • Ability to download waiver file from emails
  • Usability improvements in reservations
  • Party Host option now available in calendar view also
  • Ability to create discounts for a specific date range
  • Cancelling a slot booking preserves its state
  • Usability improvements in Assist host functionality
  • Performance improvement in slot booking
  • Improvements in reserving slot from web
  • Assist host feature also allow assignment of staff
  • Ability to print Moneris transactions also
  • Moneris payment with pre-authorized card are now shown in payments details in tab
  • Cash Tips report is now available with Activity reports
  • Ability to load Embed cards with predefined values and bonus values
  • Security Improvements
  • Ability to declare Cash Tips upon clocking/checking out
  • Capability to track Group bookings and Jumpers
  • New Report to show and filter payment per drawer
  • Ability to reserve slots
  • Ability to read waiver from emails
  • Vantiv transactions to use TLS1.2
  • Global account edit now displays global roles
  • Ability to customize reservation receipts
  • Capability to print all reservation
  • Bug fixes with Moneris refunds
  • Bug fixes with credit card processing
  • Other Bug fixes and Performance improvements
TRAY HQ Version 9.75(04/02/19)
  • Cash tips are now available in the Cash Owed report. Owed Cash tips can also be filtered by Staff
  • Other Bug fixes and Performance improvements
KDS Version (4/2/19)
  • Moneris report printing supported in French language
KDS Version (4/5/19)
  • Fixed issues with receipt printing
  • Critical issues fixed for supporting Moneris transactions added to receipts
  • Support for Star Customer Displays
  • Bug fixes and Other improvements
TRAY Version (4/2/19)
  • Item and check details are cleared after closing check
  • KickDrawerOnClockout permission kicks drawer after staff clocks out of the venue
  • Drawer is locked popup shown when another staff tries to operate same drawer
  • Minor or Adult field displayed on waivers for party participant
  • Cash Drawer auto-opens at Clock out
  • Adding an item with a required minimum option group honours the configuration
  • Cancel check-in prompt cancels the check
  • Reserve order honours booked capacity
  • Ability to declare cash tips while clocking out or check out
  • Value is reset when voiding a gift card
  • StayClockedIn permission created for staff to remain clocked in across the trading day time
  • Fixed issue of reprint of Moneris transactions for refunds
  • Fixed App crashes and Usability improvement on item selection
TRAY Version (4/5/19)
  • Staff account permission for reservations are honoured
  • Order level discounts are shown after placing order
  • Points balance is appropriated while claiming general discounts
  • Fixed issues with stored or authorized MSR Cards
  • Fixed issues with options group bypass on refresh

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