TRAY HQ Version 9.76 (4/16/19)


[HQ-5268] – [improvement] Show all HQ permissions on one page. (This allows HQ user to view all or few permissions in a single page)

[HQ-5322] – [improvement] Update the copyright text in HQ footer in all pages.

[HQ-5235] – [improvement] Add new section in customization tab for providing initial reservation template with dynamic variable. (Allows users to customize the reservation email receipt)

[HQ-5340] – [improvement] Ability to preview the custom template after clicking on preview button besides reservation custom template box.

[HQ-5262] – [improvement] HIGH: Display reservation email variables in Customization tab

[HQ-5329] – [improvement] Add a preview button under customization reservation template.

[HQ-5373] – [improvement] Integrate support for Purchase correction Moneris and send respective PNs

[HQ-5298] – [improvement] Add a reservation status filter ‘Unpaid’

[HQ-4911] –  [improvement] Revamp the Staging UI for packages.

[HQ-5009] – [improvement] Disable clicking slots that are fully booked.

[HQ-5317] –  [improvement] HIGH: Include child order Ids along with parent order Id in place order response.

Bug Fix

[HQ-5335] – [bug] CRITICAL: Do not send oAuth token in response other than Login API

[HQ-5336] – [bug] CRITICAL: Validate oAuth in saveUserProfile in case of updating profile.

[HQ-5337] – [bug] Do not retrieve password from Database to display HQ account passwords.

[HQ-5338] – [bug] Fix Access restriction for HQ Accounts to not be able to access/edit any account based on their permissions.

[HQ-5339] – [bug] Fix Access restriction for HQ Accounts to not be able to change userType of any HQ account based on their permissions.

[HQ-5362] – [bug] HIGH: Do not allow special characters in name and email field in ‘Edit Accounts’ web page.

[HQ-4729] – [bug] Admins can create and/or elevate any account to Super Admin.

[HQ-5255] –  [bug] HIGH: App shows Moneris payment in tab even when it is declined on pinpad.

[HQ-5276] –  [bug] CRITICAL – Staff page broken in Sales HQ

[HQ-5284] –  [bug] Trying to delete USB printer from HQ results a broken Web Page.

[HQ-5287] –  [bug] HIGH: Filtered report export is failing for By Drawer report.

[HQ-5311] –  [bug] Staff reservations (non Capacity) with cash payment shows zero deposit in view reservations.

[HQ-5312] –  [bug] Unable to void embed gift card when there are multiple items in the check.

[HQ-5313] –  [bug] Cash Tips report is printing time in UTC in report results.

[HQ-5333] –  [bug] CRITICAL: Exception in getOpenSlotsByLocation.

[HQ-5334] –  [bug] CRITICAL: SQL error after booking a capacity reservation from HQ.

[HQ-5342] –  [bug] CRITICAL: Hide Cancel button in edit HQ profile page.

[HQ-5343] –  [bug] CRITICAL: For a HQ user without edit account permission should not be able to edit account even by changing URL from self profile page

[HQ-5351] –  [bug] HIGH: Do not allow special characters in name field in ‘Edit Accounts’ web page.

[HQ-5356] –  [bug] ‘Credit Card details not found’ error after refunding any transaction that was initiated from Web reservations.

[HQ-5359] –  [bug] CRITICAL: Unpairing the Moneris reader is not updating the status.

[HQ-5364] –  [bug] CRITICAL: Trying to update user profile throws an error as “Invalid oAuth Token”.

[HQ-5365] –  [bug] Update UserName in HQ accounts with special characters throws both success and failure message.

[HQ-5371] –  [bug] CRITICAL: Support backward compatibility for oAuth validation for Android.

[HQ-5372] –  [bug] Critical: Problem loading in page error when trying to save an Option

[HQ-5383] –  [bug] Password changed email is sent to user when username is changed.

TRAY Web Version 1.2 and 1.3 (4/17/19)

WEB 1.1.3


[WEB-645] – [improvement] Order Ahead for Android/iOS app by using web view.

[WEB-658] – HIGH: To Support order ahead for apps, display date/time fields dialog by default after selecting service if it has order ahead.

[WEB-634] – [Improvement] Download pdf invoice icon is not available for web ordering

Bug Fixes

[WEB-339] – For bigger screen, aspect ratio should not change, the package image is getting stretched.

[WEB-577] – Not able to add New Delivery Address for general reservation

[WEB-585] – OrderAhead- If no menu schedule available for a particular selected time, it should throw an error message instead of displaying Menus.

[WEB-587] – Remove Send To section for capacity reservations.

[WEB-588] – Reservation Showing Staff Instead of Customer

[WEB-589] – CRITICAL: Capacity validations not working for staff reservations

[WEB-590] – Display error message as in getslots API response.

[WEB-591] – Invalid Card Expiration Information is accepted and processed

[WEB-595] – Ability for staff to edit amount of party payment no longer works

[WEB-597] – CRITICAL: Total is displaying incorrectly when option is added to the product

[WEB-601] – selected Product/Item is not getting deleted from the cart when doing modify order

[WEB-605] – Slots shown out of order

[WEB-609] – Deposit percentage or Deposit charges not showing in mail report which is charging in web order

[WEB-610] – showing “is participant option is not allowed for this package” error when adding an item to cart but can able to add the same item on modify action

[WEB-611] – Slot time under select delivery time drop down are not sorted based on time

[WEB-614] – Order Ahead – Placed Order price is showing in Negative in My Orders list.

[WEB-615] – Item Total Price is showing wrong in My Orders Page

[WEB-617] – No action is getting performed and console error is displaying, when click on modify event details and trying to add the item to cart

[WEB-618] – Total shows incorrect (package price is setting up to zero).

[WEB-628] – Show an alert while adding duplicate credit card details as payment method.

[WEB-644] – [bug] Delete Reservation API should be invoked only after cancellation fee is confirmed.

[WEB-648] – CRITICAL: Adding Guest Count is not updating Party Price

[WEB-649] – [bug] CRITICAL: Send oAuth token while updating user profile from Web.

[WEB-650] – [bug] When Refunding fails from web, app throws an empty error toast.

WEB 1.1.2


[WEB-535] – App continues to use previous user’s GOH in a specific scenario.

[WEB-536] – HIGH: Implement Order ahead feature for Web (v1).

[WEB-537] – CRITICAL: Add ability to do track all web ordering events for google analytics

[WEB-541] – Address Field Required for Customer Reservation

[WEB-545] – Include a new parameter ‘fireTime’ when placing order, containing date and time to fire order for order ahead.

[WEB-551] – Ability to handle slots capacity based on user selection while booking reservation for slots with locations.

[WEB-558] – Add ability to track unique event for Venue service – menu and item ID

[WEB-560] – Send trayMode = user/staff key for user/staff reservations in getSlots and reserveSlot API

[WEB-563] – Hide the item with ‘All Items’ checkbox enabled in non-order Ahead menu also

[WEB-568] – Show Venue ID, Service ID, Menu ID and item ID in parenthesis for pixel tracking.

[WEB-578] – Display fireTime in order details for order Ahead orders.

Bug Fixes

[WEB-512] – Entering invalid vantiv card details doesn’t throw any error message, it remains in same webpage.

[WEB-513] – Unable to place order using vantiv gift cards.

[WEB-534] – HIGH: Combos shows on top, then the package in edit reservation UI.

[WEB-542] – Remove zipcode restriction while adding credit card as payment method while placing weborder.

[WEB-544] – CRITICAL: Total value in Checkout page is not matching with Total value in Add To Cart Page

[WEB-546] – Fix the delete dialog UI for web ordering payments.

[WEB-547] – CRITICAL: For menu specific URL, app fails to display the selected date and time for order ahead.

[WEB-548] – Removing part of a reservation URL allows a user to access an entire menu.

[WEB-549] – Unable to increase or decrease quantity via up and down buttons provided (within the quantity text box)

[WEB-559] – Allow alphanumeric input for Zip Code for web ordering and reservations.

[WEB-561] – CRITICAL: None of the buttons in Sign-In page are working in Web Ordering URL

[WEB-565] – CRITICAL: Send trayMode in getTabDetails request.

[WEB-566] – CRITICAL: App should validate based on capacity of the slot when deciding on max guest allowed.

[WEB-567] – CRITICAL: Unable to change slot for capacity reservations.

[WEB-571] – Order Ahead: Add something to the cart then select a different slot it still removes it from the cart

[WEB-575] – HIGH: Fix facebook login for HQ Stage domain.

[WEB-581] – HIGH: My orders show incorrect fire time

[WEB-584] – When no locations configured for a service change the message as “No location is configured for this service!”

[WEB-452] – Edit icon is showing down instead of right side the location under send order section in Place Order screen

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