*TRAY HQ v9.79* (5/13/19)


[HQ-5493] – CRITICAL – No Show orders are being pushed to Marketman
[HQ-5644] – CRITICAL – List of Receipt printers in staff is showing double

*TRAY Version
  • ANDROID-3988 Account Not Issued Toast notification for new gift cards
  • ANDROID-4158 [improvement] Cash Management and Tills
  • ANDROID-4178 [improvement] Allow clock in without POS access
  • ANDROID-4174: [bug] HIGH: Moneris PNs are not received.
  • ANDROID-4161: [bug] CRITICAL: “Unable to open ticket Key is missing in your request Please check for same” error shows up when tried to open tab on Kiosk using Moneris
  • ANDROID-4159: [bug] Exception: Unable to parse venue response, if there is no voided reasons configured.
  • ANDROID-4151 [bug] Unable to edit orders in this service
  • ANDROID-2426 Show dates in closed checks screen
  • ANDROID-4053:CRITICAL – [improvement] kiosk and terminal flow with Moneris
  • ANDROID-4131: [bug] OTHERCHECKS text is displayed without space when viewing others checks.
  • ANDROID-4140: [bug] In Jumper’s flow, if a reservation is in Checked-in state adding extra item goes to ‘Held’ state
  • ANDROID-4091: [improvement] Sort Reservations by Event Date
  • ANDROID-4138: [bug] App crashes in lower end devices (ELO) for jumpers flow.
*TRAY Version (5/14/19)
  • ANDROID-4200 CRITICAL – [bug] Cash Tender type disappears for staff
*TRAY Version (5/17/19)
  • ANDROID-4048: [improvement] Selected date should populated when selecting date
  • ANDROID-4011: [improvement] Change name and color of ‘Get Points’ button
  • ANDROID-4224: [bug] HIGH: In Jumper’s flow, adding an extra item to the existing reservation by making payment for an extra item closes the tab
  • ANDROID-4154 [Bug] ‘REMOVE DISCOUNT’ option should be shown only after applying Discount
  • ANDROID-4223: Exception noticed in Android logs
  • ANDROID-4219: [bug]PNS are not receiving
  • ANDROID-4105: [bug] High – Reservations that haven’t been checked-in are showing in Open Checks
  • ANDROID-4077 – [improvement] App should always show Order button only once instead of order now and order ahead buttons
  • ANDROID-4036: [bug] HIGH: Unable to apply payment to tab when there are items in cart including gift card ANDROID-4194: [Bug] App crashing when comping items with reasons defined in HQ.
  • ANDROID-4149 HIGH – [bug] Discounts not applied correctly to combo items
  • ANDROID-4088 Item level percentage discount dollar amount shows incorrectly when using it on several items in one order
*KDS Version (5/16/19)
  • KDS-896 CRITICAL – [bug] Order States not showing
  • KDS-889: [bug] Fix Moneris certification review related feedback issues.
  • KDS-880: Show device name in Admin screen

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