TRAY HQ Production v9.80*(5/20/19)
  • HQ-3778 – Skip in-progress state doesn’t work as expected.
  • HQ-5589 – [bug] Exporting New user Report for a month is causing CPU Spikes.
  • HQ-5598 – CLONE – [bug] CRITICAL: Making reservation using fast pay treats payment as sale.
  • HQ-5697 – Security Updates
  • HQ-5759 – CRITICAL – [bug] Unable to add options in Sales HQ
  • HQ-5605 – [Improvement] Public Notes isn’t being passed through reservation mail.
  • HQ-5676 – [bug] Searching in New user report is broken
  • HQ-5694 – HIGH – [improvement] Change default visibility option to Yes
  • HQ-5715 – [Bug] For Capacity Planning reserved slots, rejecting any reserved slot is not rejecting all associated slots.
  • HQ-5716 – [Bug] Rejecting capacity planning reservation slots isn’t releasing the slots.
  • HQ-5744 – [bug] duplicate printers are displayed while logging in to PoS
  • HQ-5762 – [bug] HIGH: Received incorrect staffID in moneris reader event PN.
  • HQ-5765 – [improvement] Reservations: Staff should be able to edit customers profile in edit reservations.
  • HQ-5773 – [bug] HIGH: No PNs received when there is a ‘SYSTEM PROBLEM’ on moneris Pinpad.
  • HQ-5196 – Moving an item between sections or subsections created broken print name value
  • HQ-5295 – [bug] Unable to send emails from “Reservations Page”
  • HQ-5328 – [bug] No menus are exported in excel with Export Menu feature
  • HQ-5510 – HQ Name & Print Name being added to New Menu from previous opened menu item.
  • HQ-5555 – [bug] Delete options when deleting option groups
  • HQ-5564 – Reports module all dropdowns should follow same alphabetical order with other modules.
  • HQ-5575 – [bug] By default Visible is set to No for Add Menu/ Add Subsection/Add Product Item
  • HQ-5576 – [bug]Cancel Symbol is missing
  • HQ-5620 – [bug] DEV_GRAILS UPGRADE: Add No Sale button is not working
  • HQ-5621 – [bug] DEV_GRAILS UPGRADE: Add Reason Code button is not working in Voids/Comps
  • HQ-5632 – [Bug] When duplicating a menu item, the “Ticket Type” info isn’t being duplicated.
  • HQ-5643 – [bug] Display GOH or Org in the calendar view on each slot.
  • HQ-5711 – [Bug] Reservation Roles (Party host, Runner etc) aren’t being displayed on Reservation mail.
  • HQ-5714 – CLONE – [bug] HIGH: Moneris PNs are not received.
  • HQ-5717 – [improvement] Add a checkbox in discounts to allow discounts at the kiosk
  • HQ-5727 – [improvement] Add email, phoneNumber to customerDetails in getTabDetails syscall.
  • HQ-5764 – [Improvement ] Manager Discounts and kiosk discounts should be mutually exclusive.
  • HQ-5766 – In ‘New Users’ report all the records are displayed in the same page despite pagination.
  • HQ-5501 – [bug] Category details are not imported when importing a menu from another venue

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