*TRAY Version (06/17/19)
  • ANDROID-4292: [Bug] Auto-Logout not functioning in all required scenarios.
  • ANDROID-4339: [bug] CRITICAL:  App crashes when a new profile is created
  • ANDROID-4337: Tapping outside the ‘who enters tip’ box breaks payment capture
  • ANDROID-4338: [bug]:Voiding an item makes reservation item’s slot date and time disappearing 
  • ANDROID-4336: Can’t refund payments on reservations from POS 
  • ANDROID-4301 [Improvement] Before hitting Total – Void button should be renamed to Remove. 
  • ANDROID-4324: [improvement] Send key ‘recipientBartsyId’ in Edit reservation API. 
  • ANDROID-4180 [improvement] Enable discounts for kiosks 
  • ANDROID-4180 [improvement] Enable discounts for kiosks 
  • ANDROID-3481: Discount “once per order” rule not enforced 
  • ANDROID-4304: [bug]: Discount amount is showing negatives when applying an open discount 
  • ANDROID-4279: [bug]:Discount amount is showing zero in the discount report When a Alt Price discount type is applied for an item 
*KDS Version (2019-06-17)
  • KDS-912: [bug] CRITICAL: Order not reaching KDS(Observer) at the scheduled time. 
  • KDS-909: [bug]Unable to select device on KDS after selecting a venue. 

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