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CEO of DINE Brands Talks TRAY at MURTEC

By Brian
Mar 18, 2024
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At this year’s MURTEC Trade Show in Las Vegas, DINE Brands Global CEO John Peyton was featured on stage reviewing the outlook for the restaurant industry. As part of a multi-faceted talk about the growth of DINE Brands and the state of the market, John took time to call out the success DINE has seen with TRAY.

He noted that TRAY has been successfully deployed in about 96% of all iHOP locations after they made a decision to drop their legacy Windows-based POS platform in favor of TRAY’s modern Android platform. Given that TRAY was able to run on the existing hardware and infrastructure in the stores, iHop operators have been able to deploy TRAY Tablets for tableside ordering and payment as well as other innovations. Together, these innovations have driven a significant increase in average check, have helped turn tables faster and even grown server tips.

Read more about John’s presentation at this link


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