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Easy Brandable Solutions Powered by TRAY’s Open API Platform

Use the built-in solution or integrate with your choice of providers
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Brandable Space

Leverage the TRAY Online Ordering solution to create and maintain a branded space – only your menu, your offerings, your prices for your guests.

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Retain Guests

Provide a destination for your guests to order with you directly, maintaining your relationship inside of your brand.

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Seamless Integration

Items, menus, prices and promotions all come directly from the TRAY POS platform – one single source of information for your entire menu.

Open API

The TRAY web ordering platform works with industry leading interfaces such as OlO or you can build your own ordering platform off our open API interfaces for the highest flexibility possible.

No Commissions

No fees, commissions, splits or transaction charges – the TRAY online ordering platform is a part of the TRAY system and there are no usage charges.

What Do You Want to Know?

Online Ordering System FAQs

The TRAY platform is designed to handle any number of orders from a variety of channels with zero disruption to kitchen operations. Orders are marked by channel for the right packaging and for easy pickup by delivery couriers or guests.

Yes! The TRAY online ordering platform can nest inside your existing website or you can build your own ordering site integrated with TRAY’s industry-standard Open API interface.

Items in TRAY are managed using our TRAY HQ Enterprise Menu Management. No need to configure additional items or run additional configurations – items easily are managed across multiple channels and destinations.

Never! TRAY bundles all of our fees into a simple single monthly SaaS payment. There are never transaction fees for online ordering with TRAY and you can keep your own credit processor.

With TRAY, online ordering can be configured in a matter of minutes. There’s no need for separate menus or product ID’s… simply specify which items you do or don’t want to sell online and the system does the rest.

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