Self-Service Kiosks

TRAY makes it easy to add self-service to your business, allowing your guests to order what they want, without the wait.

An Easy to Use Self-Service Platform

Delight Your Guests
Delightful digital ordering experiences for guests.
Increase Your Revenue
Bust lines and allow guests to place orders faster.
Reduce Your Costs
Optimize your business and improve staff productivity.
Delight guests with a modern, digital experience.

Easy to use interface

Enable a seamless, self-service ordering experience that is simple and intuitive.

Visual ordering experience

Show off your menu by adding food and beverage photos, making it easier for guests to decide.

Saved profiles

Simply enter a phone number to access a saved profile and retrieve previously signed waivers.

Four TRAY Self-Service Kiosks lined on a counter
People waiting in line
Increase average check size and reduce lines.

Additional sales channel

Serve more guests by offering more ways to order in your restaurant and shorter lines.

Upsell Prompts

Increase average check size up to 30% with recommended add-ons and visual modifiers.

Increase Staff Productivity

Reduce and Redeploy Labor

Serve more guests while freeing up staff for more productive tasks.

Tip on screen

Prompted tip amounts increase staff tips and reduce turnover.

KDS Integration
Route orders directly to your kitchen to increase throughput and productivity.
Employee helping guests with kiosks

Why Businesses Choose TRAY

“Customers love the self-service kiosks. It reduces wait times. It also saves on wages for us. We would love to grow our business and partner with TRAY from here on out.” 
-The Rush Fun Park
“When we saw TRAY’s interface and how easy it was to use it became very clear that it was exactly what we’d been looking for. We currently have four kiosks and we never have a line. People love the self-service.”
TRAY was really accommodating…we had a very unique setting that we had to place it in. We’ve been with TRAY for four seasons and we continue to expand on using the product.
-Wild Island
Customers love it. It’s very intuitive, very easy to deal with. 
-Coconut Bowl

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