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Through this partnership, businesses can monetize the data captured at the kiosk by sending automated promotional offers.  TRAY and FetchRev use each other’s APIs to communicate, allowing the FetchRev platform to receive customer data captured during the ordering process at TRAY’s self-service kiosks. This information is then used to send targeted marketing campaigns to guests that increase traffic and revenue.


TRAY POS clients can leverage MarketMan’s inventory management solution to make smarter menu decisions, automate their A/P and optimize ordering. The integration combines item-level data from TRAY’s point of sale solution with inventory and ordering details, allowing users to streamline back of the house operations.  With low inventory alerts, suggested orders and invoice scanning, recipe-costing and robust reporting features, MarketMan reduces the time managers spend in the office and increases menu profitability.

Omnivore POS Integration

Quickly enable self-service without having to replace your entire infrastructure.  The Omnivore API is a universal Point of Sale connection that provides easy, singular access to multiple POS systems, allowing you to implement our kiosks and handheld devices alongside your existing POS system.

Debit Card (Cashless) Systems

TRAY’s cloud-based system is integrated with several leading debit card systems providing merchants with the ability to sell and reload cashless play cards from TRAY’s point of sale system and self-service kiosks. This integration not only creates a more seamless guest experience but also consolidates revenue reporting for clients using both systems.


Third Party Delivery

With our third-party delivery integration, orders are sent directly to the POS, clearing up counter space occupied by third-party tablets.  Order accuracy is improved as orders are transmitted exactly as they were ordered by the guest.  Order entry is eliminated, freeing up employees and increasing speed of service on third-party orders.

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