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IHOP Worker Using the TRAY Kitchen Display.

TRAY Featured As One Of The Top 13 Tech Products to Know from the National Restaurant Association Show

May 2022–TRAY, the developer of a POS and restaurant management product that is compatible with multiple types of hardware and credit card processors, recently signed a multi-year deal with IHOP restaurants in the U.S.

According to the company, the new system will allow IHOP franchisees to implement more efficient training and include more up-to-date technology in their restaurants. Since TRAY uses Android-based hardware, operators save more and can rapidly convert with little disruption.

“We knew we had a great Enterprise solution for Family Entertainment Centers, which was our initial focus, but we didn’t have everything full-service and fast-casual restaurants needed,” Peter Kellis, TRAY’s founder and CEO, said in a statement. “Over several years, working with the awesome team at DINE helped us perfect our offering. This new venture with IHOP confirms our technology and our ability to support major restaurant brands.”

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Brooklyn Dumpling Shop Food Locker Automat System powered by TRAY DineSafe.

Introducing TRAY DineSafe: Contactless Software Suite for Post-COVID Dining Launches with New York Restaurant Franchise –(BUSINESS WIRE) October 28th 2020–TRAY, the industry’s leading full-service Enterprise Restaurant Management Platform, announced DineSafe, a suite of new contactless self-service features that enables the safest Post-COVID dining experience of any system. TRAY unveiled a modernized Automat Food Locker and Virtual Drive-Through system that works in conjunction with digital menus, free-standing self-service kiosks, and mobile and in-app ordering; a completely contactless, automated platform built exclusively for restaurants.

“We’re committed to helping the restaurant industry apply technology to solve their COVID-related challenges centered around diner and employee safety, allowing them to increase revenue, improve operations, and attract, retain, and delight guests,” said Ohad Jehassi, CEO of TRAY. “During these times, the number of restaurants seeking to introduce self-service technology into their operations is skyrocketing as businesses look for ways to adapt to rapidly changing customer needs. We are the only enterprise-class system that offers a truly contactless, turnkey solution.”

Introducing TRAY DineSafe

DineSafe by TRAY allows restaurants to operate safely and profitably Post-COVID. Restaurant operators will have access to a full suite of tools and services built to eliminate contact and keep guests safe. Unlike other “contactless” options, DineSafe is a truly zero human interaction ordering solution that completely eliminates any person-to-person exposure throughout the customer journey.

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Greeks Bring Innovation to Food Industry at 100th National Restaurant Association Show–(THE NATIONAL HERALD)–Chicago – It’s no secret, Greeks love food. And in America, they’ve earned quite the reputation for bringing quality, quantity, efficiency and innovation to the restaurant world – an industry with some $900 billion in projected sales in 2019, according a report by the National Restaurant Association.

Crossing the Atlantic in search of opportunity at the turn of the twentieth century Greek immigrants were opening their own small businesses, selling baked goods, sweets and produce, and later and most notably, feeding America in their famous round-the-clock diners.

In an ever-evolving, expanding industry that boasts over one million foodservice spots across the nation, the new generation Greeks are not only using innovation to boost productivity and sales, but are also the masterminds behind some of today’s hottest food industry trends.

“I think technology is the smartest investment one can make right now” said Peter Kellis, founder and CEO of Tray, provider of a cloud-based point of sale (POS) system and self-service kiosks serving restaurants, amusement parks and entertainment centers across North America.

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Kiosk Marketplace editor reviews 39 kiosk companies at National Restaurant Show–(KIOSK MARKETPLACE) May 27, 2019–

The self-service drumbeat rattled Chicago’s McCormick Place last week as attendees swarmed exhibits promising faster customer service. This year’s National Restaurant Show showcased even more interactive kiosks (39 exhibitors) than last year’s record-breaking 36 exhibitors. Less than a third of this year’s companies (11 exhibitors) were repeats from last year, indicating the market continues to attract new interest.

Kiosk hardware and software manufacturers have heeded the call from restaurants looking to automate the customer order to deliver a more satisfying guest experience, boost sales and make more efficient use of store labor. And while established kiosk providers were once again well represented on the trade show floor, restaurant POS software companies have also entered the fray in a big way…


TRAY’s self-service kiosks integrate with existing POS systems. The company’s recent partnership with MarketMan, a cloud-based inventory management software, combines item-level data from Tray’s point of sale solution with inventory and ordering details, allowing users to streamline back of the house operations. The solution includes low inventory alerts, suggested orders, invoice scanning and recipe costing.

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TRAY Partners with Ordermark to Integrate Third Party Online Ordering Systems into Their POS System-(BUSINESS WIRE), May 20, 2019–TRAY®, the enterprise Point of Sale (POS) and self-service solution, announced today a new integration with Ordermark, the nation’s fastest growing online ordering enablement platform for restaurants. This technology partnership will allow merchants to accept orders from different third-party online ordering services and automatically send them to the TRAY system as well as directly to the kitchen printer.

Increasing consumer demand for off-premises dining has made third-party ordering and delivery platforms a necessity for many restaurants. But these platforms also create an operational challenge as orders are typically sent via separate tablets, requiring staff to manually enter the order from the tablet into their system before the kitchen can begin preparing it. “Our integration with Ordermark simplifies this process so that orders from third-party sites can go directly into the restaurant’s POS and kitchen printer. Thus eliminating the need for tablets and reducing time spent on order entry,” said Peter Kellis, CEO of TRAY.

The partnership between TRAY and Ordermark not only eases restaurant operations but also ensures that the customer’s order is placed as they intended by removing the extra order-entry step at the restaurant. “As a POS provider that is focused heavily on self-service technology, we certainly feel that this integration was an important step for TRAY,” said Kellis.

“We’re excited to be partnering with TRAY,” said Alex Canter, CEO of Ordermark. “Our aim is to help restaurants embrace online ordering by making it easier and more profitable, and this partnership lets us reach more restaurants faster.”

TRAY Self-Service Point of Sale Annouces Integration with Sacoa–(BUSINESS WIRE), November 8, 2018–TRAY®, the enterprise POS and self-service solution, announced today a new partnership with Sacoa Debit Card System, a leading worldwide supplier of revenue management systems for the amusement, entertainment and leisure industries. This technology partnership will allow TRAY’s cloud-based system to connect with the Sacoa platform, providing merchants with the ability to sell and reload PlayCards from TRAY’s point of sale system and self-service kiosks. This integration not only creates a more seamless guest experience but also consolidates revenue reporting for clients using both systems.

“We want to create the best experience for our clients and their end users. Integrating with Sacoa addresses the gaming needs of our clients in the family entertainment industry, and allows them to improve their guest engagement and satisfaction,” said Peter Kellis, CEO of TRAY.

“I am very happy to have met Peter and am pleasantly surprised by the quick turnaround time for the integration,” said Sebastian Mochkovsky, CEO of Sacoa USA. “This demonstrates the high quality and great support both companies strive to give their clients and, ultimately, the end users. I am keen to develop future innovations together.”

TRAY®, the enterprise POS and self-service solution, today announces a partnership with MarketMan–(BUSINESS WIRE), October 30, 2018–TRAY®, the enterprise POS and self-service solution, today announces a partnership with MarketMan, cloud-based inventory management. The integration combines item-level data from TRAY’s point of sale solution with inventory and ordering details, allowing users to streamline back of the house operations.

“The addition of new partners, like MarketMan, allows us to provide our clients the technology they need to increase revenue and improve operations,” said Peter Kellis, CEO of TRAY.

With this partnership, TRAY POS clients can leverage MarketMan’s solution to make smarter menu decisions, automate their A/P and optimize ordering. The inventory management solution includes low inventory alerts, suggested orders and invoice scanning, recipe-costing and robust reporting features, reducing the time managers spend in the office and increasing menu profitability.

“This partnership means that self-service restaurants and businesses now have more flexibility than ever before to use technology to advance both their front-of-house and back-of-house operations,” said Matthew Hardoon, Director of Sales at MarketMan. “We are excited for our foray into the self-service market with TRAY.”

TRAY Self-Service Point of Sale Announces New Partnership with FetchRev’s Automated Marketing Solution.–(BUSINESS WIRE), September 25, 2018–TRAY®, the enterprise POS and self-service solution, announced today a new integration with FetchRev, an automated foot traffic generator for local business. Through this partnership, businesses using TRAY’s self-service platform can now monetize the data captured at the kiosk by sending actionable promotional offers.

TRAY and FetchRev use each other’s APIs to communicate, allowing the FetchRev platform to receive customer data captured during the ordering process at TRAY’s self-service kiosks. This information will then be used to send targeted marketing campaigns to guests that increase traffic and revenue, with zero added effort from businesses.

“Self-service technology is increasingly important because it allows businesses to serve more guests and spend less on labor,” said Peter Kellis, Founder and CEO of TRAY. “And now with this integration, we can use our self-service solution to drive repeat business through an automated process for clients using FetchRev, further simplifying operations.”

Brandon Willey, CEO of FetchRev, said, “It is our mission to be the local business owner’s best friend, and that means making it easier to drive foot traffic into their location(s) and helping them grow. That’s why we are so excited to partner with TRAY. This seamless integration brings even more value for both FetchRev and TRAY customers, so they get the best of both worlds and have an automated system that works.”

Fire-grill chicken eatery using easy to order kiosk system(New York Post) August, 5, 2018–Executive chef Joe LoNigro, founding chef-partner at Otto’s Tacos, brines antibiotic free range chicken for 24 hours, bastes it with a house-made blackened chili honey garlic sauce and fire-grills it. Diners will order via a tray kiosk food image system that is “simple and intuitive,” says Mezzalingua.

While higher minimum wage fees “brought the kiosk model to the public eye,” being cashless is also “more efficient,” Mezzalingua said.

Signature dishes include a thigh quarter chicken, while sides include a white balsamic farro with cranberries, hearts of palm with marinated tomato, and the Gigi salad with romaine, kale, buttermilk-tzatziki beets, roasted red peppers and goat cheese.

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